Crane Truck Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast – Reduce your risk of manual handling injuries!

Transport & Relocation Services

Our specialist knowledge and use of the latest technology enable us to ensure tasks are completed in the most efficient and safest way possible. We have modern crane trucks and provide a professional service to perform those hazardous manual tasks that you don’t want your team to be exposed to. We regularly service Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas and further upon request when viable for the customer.

Examples of ways we can help are:

  • - Transport heavy, sensitive & delicate goods
  • - Crane heavy & sensitive goods into position
  • - Relocate equipment over a balcony, fence or onto a roof
  • - Manually move heavy equipment & sensitive goods into position
  • - Uncrating and unpacking
  • - Relocate heavy & sensitive goods up or down stairs
  • - Placing equipment onto plinths
  • - Suspend items from the ceiling
  • - Handle sensitive equipment with care
  • - Move items into awkward and tight locations
  • - Prepare task specific Safe Work Method Statements
  • - FREE onsite task assessments

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